Decentralized security

Helping the Blockchain ecosystem grow by developing some fundamental security building blocks.


Measuring workers in PoS networks

PoS networks usually require worker nodes to some some work in order to keep or increase their stake. Actually measuring the amount of work performed by each node in a secure and decentralized way is a huge challenge.

BLS Hardware Security Module

BLS signatures will become one the fundamental building blocks for ETH 2.0. However, this particular scheme is not yet supported by comercial HSM. By developing and open source BLS HSM we give the opportunity to ETH 2.0 node operators to easily incorporate higher security measures.


Decentralized Security was born in 2021. We are a young university startup, lead by Isaac Agudo, who is also a member of the Network, Information and Computer Security Lab (NICS) at the University of Malaga in Spain.
Isaac Agudo